April 22, 2015

DarcyToombs.ca Soft Launch

Hello world,

this is an exciting day for me, as it is the day that my new website, which I have been working on for over a year, goes live and is ready to show the world!

I’m very excited about it as it brings together all of our marketing efforts in to one platform to be able to spread the marketing message across the globe. But most importantly, it’s a platform that I own and can control!

Features I can’t wait to share are:

  • Our Property Listings. Having embraced video for our property videos well over a year ago, I didn’t really have a solid platform to use those videos to market the properties. Now, with the custom interface for our property listings, the HD photos and video finally have a home and a place to shine together on the World Wide Web.
  • Our SOLD inventory gets to shine as examples of how we go over and above our competition, and have built in special features and fields to help accentuate the great difference between our property listings from the rest of our competitors.
  • NEW Exclusive Buyer Listing program Can finally be properly marketed to potential home sellers. in the current competitive market, we have developed a system to get our Buyers in front of Home Owners before they list in an attempt to get a great deal for our Buyers, and keep it painless for a Home Owner to Sell their property without having to go on the open market.
  • Our ever expanding communities pages. We feel that it’s our duty to help promote the great qualities of our communities and to help Buyers understand what the best parts of our area are to help new comers to the area decide which Neighbourhoods and communities might be best for them!
  • And of course, a good part will be dedicated to why you should choose us over all others with your real estate needs/wants!

Anyways, thanks for checking in and if you are interested in joining our mailing list that you’ll recieve monthly market updates, house maintenance tips and upcoming community events,
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Darcy Toombs

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