February 28, 2018

Newmarket home sales slow in February

Today is the last day of February. It’s been a slow month for sales in Newmarket, Ontario with only 78 total sales for all housing types.
Here is a few past years February numbers for reference:
2018 – 78 (to date)
2017 – 153
2016 – 122
2015 – 115
2014 – 97
2013 – 108
Now the month is not over yet, and there is certainly going to be more sales reported today, but this is a sign that the market has shifted and those looking to sell need to realize that as they will be competing with other new listings in the coming weeks that will likely be priced to sell.
*Note: These figures are just Newmarket, but the figures roughly translate the same way across upper York Region, and South Simcoe*

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