September 16, 2019

Exclusive Listing in Old Newmarket

241 Woodmount Place, Newmarket

We are very excited to have an exclusive listing on the highly sought after Woodmount Place in old Newmarket. We are marketing this property exclusively while we prepare the home for the MLS at the end of the month… but, this house may sell during the exclusive period, so if there is any interest, we are encouraging buyers to act now.

Woodmount place is a beautiful tree lined cul-de-sac with attractive homes built in the early 1970’s. The lots are wide, and many are very deep as well, especially for the area. 241 Woodmount place has lot dimensions rarely found in this part of town, with 65 feet of frontage, and 170ft of depth along the East side, 175 ft along the west side and the rear (northern boundary) is over 80 feet. In total this property has an area of over 13,000 sqft. I mention this as it is an important figure for anyone looking to redevelop the property and build a larger home, or even add a large addition to the existing home.

The R1-C-119 zoning allows for lot coverage of 25% for a 2-storey home with a 10m height maximum (median of the roof), or a 35% lot coverage for a 1-storey home. When you do the math on that, it works out to be a 3,250sqft foot print for a 2-storey (6,500sqft on 2-storeys), or 4,550sqft for a 1-storey home! This large lot is certainly going to be highly coveted by builders or individuals looking to build their dream home on a beautiful street like this.

That said, this house is structurally sound, and renovations to the existing home may be in order for a family looking for a 4-bedroom home in this neighbourhood.

This is an opportunity to own a property that is not commonly offered for sale in this neighbourhood, and anyone who has their heart set on living there, may not see another opportunity like this for quite some time.

For more info on this property, visit he Listing page to see what the current status is of the property.

241 Woodmount Place, Newmarket - lot dimensions
Approximate Lot Dimensions

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