October 10, 2019

Paint Colours for Staging and Selling Your Home

Choosing colours for the right room

The idea of staging your home to sell, is so the buyer can envision themselves and their belongings in your space. The best way to do this is to neutralize with colours that fade away so the space can be seen and appreciated for its size and interesting features. Ideally you try to match the colour choice to the floor and cabinetry, or pull a colour from a favorite piece of art you have hanging on a prominent wall.

You want a colour that highlights the architecture, wraps the room in warmth and invites you in.

Here are a few good choices, most from Benjamin Moore, that should make a prospective buyer want to linger just a little bit longer:

Paint for TRIM

  • Simply White – Benjamin Moore OC-117
  • Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore OC -65

Paint for Homes with lots of Big Windows

  • Revere Pewter – Benjimin Moore HC-172
  • Oyster Bay – Sherwin Williams SW 6206

Paint for Homes that are on the Darker side

  • Niveous – Benjamin Moore OC-36
  • Alabaster – Sherwin Williams SW 7008

Paint Colours for Basements

  • Niveous – Benjamin Moore OC-36
  • Alabaster – Sherwin Williams SW 7008

We hope this helps with your painting decisions. If you think you might need some help choosing paint, it could be a good idea to get large paint examples. or even some 12in x 12in drywall, or canvas, so you can see how the colour reacts to different lights in different parts of the room.

A fresh coat of paint when selling will freshen up any house and will be worth the investment as buyers in today’s market are willing to pay good money for a house that needs little to no work at all!

If you need some inspiration, visit BENJAMIN MOORE’s website


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