Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs


Proudly Serving Northern York Region and South Simcoe, it is our mission to achieve outstanding results for all our Residential and Commercial real estate clients while providing an Ultimate Service(TM) level of commitment to each, with a detailed systemized approach, from start to finish of all transactions whether it be small leases or large Multi-Million dollar estate sales.


To be recognized as a trusted industry leader providing clients with Ultimate Service and the highest level of marketing technologically available. To Build a successful Real Estate Team with specialized team memberswho focus on systemized steps in the Buying/Selling process to ensure our clients needs are always fulfilled and each client completes the transaction 100% satisfied.

Values & Beliefs


Do what is right

  • Always put clients’ interests first, period!
  • No transaction is worth risking our reputation.
  • Be truthful, honest and confidential at all times.
  • Always be trustworthy – without trust there is no success.
  • When something feels wrong, it likely is – seek guidance.
  • Always act according to the rules.

Look and act like a professional

  • Be professional in all client and company interactions.
  • Be professional in dress, speech and behaviour.
  • Have professional facilities.
  • Maintain high ethical standards at all time!


Meet your commitments

  • Always under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Whether implied or stated, meet all your commitments.
  • Resolve any and all problems to the best of your ability.

Respect individual differences

  • Treat all parties fairly and with respect.
  • Embrace our differences, including those of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • No one has the right to offend or otherwise abuse someone else.


Take initiative and accept responsibility

  • Fulfill your responsibilities and objectives on a daily basis.
  • Be proactive.
  • Respect assigned areas of responsibility.
  • Always accept and learn from your mistakes.

Communicate clearly and directly

  • Always seek first to understand all points of view.
  • Communicate directly to the appropriate person(s).
  • Encourage dialogue and debate for all important issues. A problem cannot be remedied unless it is Communicated.
  • Provide immediate and clear feedback.
  • Communicate good and bad news as soon as possible.


Never stop learning

  • The greater the skills and knowledge I possess, the greater the value I can provide my clients.
  • Constant updating of market knowledge and industry rules is an essential part of being the best.
  • Learning is required throughout all stages of your career.
  • Ongoing development of technological skills is critical to staying on the cutting edge.

Embrace technology

  • Utilize technology to enhance marketing efforts.
  • Utilize technology to provide a higher level of customer service!
  • Technology will enhance your interactions with clients and prospects.


Think “win-win”

  • Building everyone’s profits is important to our success and growth.
  • By working together we all will achieve more.
  • Advancement is based on performance, not longevity.

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