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TBT June 2006 Market Data

June 16, 2016

Ever wonder how people can afford to move up in this current market… might have to do with a lot of them buying when the prices were a lot lower.

Here is a look at what the prices looked like in June 2006 (10 years ago).

Click on the image below to see a breakdown of the market by segm...

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“Recently, one of our clients moved into a retirement residence and asked if we would handle her estate assets. Selling the family home was the first thing we needed to do. I called Doug Toombs for an evaluation, and we’re so glad we did. He brought in other Team members and they quickly landscaped, sorted, cleaned and staged the estate home. The property sold in very short order with multiple offers all over list. Needless to say we were all very excited. We’d recommend anyone looking to settle an estate or just sell their home to contact Estate Home Sales Solutions.”

Keith Burling

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